HR Consulting and Advisory Reports

Whether you need the know-how of an independent HR consultant to solve a concrete HR problem or would like to have another expert opinion prior to implementing new measures, goodHR is at your disposal as a center of expertise. As HR professionals, we help you to make your HR management even more effective and successful. We can support you in this regard with HR consulting and advisory reports in English or German. Our vision in all projects is to establish lean and efficient HR processes that do not copy HR fashions or create dysfunctional bureaucracies but rather take care of the essentials – in the interests of the organization and the employees sustaining it.

We can also support you in the analysis, conceptualization, and implementation of specific HR projects. These might include personnel marketing concepts that involve the internal and external labor supply, taking into account the current and future labor market situation. Here, integrated development programs, such as trainee programs, often play an important role. In other cases we examine the functionality and effectiveness of existing HR instruments and systems of personnel development, performance management, or compensation/benefits, and draw up suggestions for optimizing them. Other examples include advisory reports on the state of health, demography, and diversity management in particular corporations.

Corporate Leadership Models and HR Strategy

One of our core services lies in conceptualizing and implementing corporate leadership models and HR strategies. Based on Complementary Leadership theory we develop fundamental concepts that are tailor-made to suit your organizational requirements. In doing so, we help to put leadership and Human Resource Management on a solid and coherent basis that also provides leeway for the parties involved to adjust these concepts to their individual needs.