Management Coaching

Managers are facing extraordinary challenges on a daily basis. Unlike in other areas of their profession, many managers are not adequately trained for tasks in the field of leadership and people management and hence appreciate support in particular leadership matters. However, even those properly qualified in this field once in a while find themselves confronting extremely complex constellations that prove difficult to manage without professional support.

Führungskräfte besprechen Mitarbeiterführung (Fotolia) - Illustration der Seite goodHR Führungscoaching

Our general leadership coaching focuses on the manager’s leadership concept and management behavior. Concrete recommendations are offered for how to successfully master all the tasks of organizational leadership, and managers will have the opportunity to critically reflect on their leadership behavior. The coaching format is suited for those wishing to reflect on practical experiences, professionalize their management behavior, and work on concrete solutions. This can be especially useful where new management challenges have to be faced under changing conditions, where there are gaps in training, or where unsatisfactory routines have been established over a long period of time.

In contrast to this, our coaching on specific professional matters helps to find concrete solutions for current challenges in the area of leadership and management, teamwork, and self-management. Personal strategies of influence, conflict, and balance are frequently the center of attention here. Anybody who has to mobilize the support of a range of different people in complex change situations, who sees him- or herself confronted with unfair bullying and power struggles, or who feels overloaded and on the verge of burn-out does well to look for counseling and assistance. A shared process of reflection in the coaching program regularly leads to a better understanding of the situation and suggests new solution strategies.

Management coaching usually includes 10–12 personal meetings with the coach. In theoretical terms, the coaching is based on the Complementary Leadership model. At the beginning, we set out to clarify the scope of the assignment in order to specify the thematic focus and timescale, and the goodHR coaching concept is introduced. We offer coaching in Berlin as well as in other German cities. Optionally, coaching can take place in your offices and/or include observation and feedback during your daily routine; leadership coaching is possible in English and German. A variety of supporting materials will be supplied.