Leadership Seminars and Management Development

True leadership competence can only be acquired in practice. However, this does not mean that you have to make all the mistakes yourself or that every solution should be arrived at by trial and error. Individual and collective leadership know-how can be systematically built up via solid knowledge transfer, experienced moderation, and precisely conceptualized training measures. In the process, a framework should be created that supports managers while at the same time leaving room for individuals to bring in their own experience and interpretations.

Teilnehmer eines Führungstraining  zur Mitarbeiterführung (Fotolia) - Illustration der Seite goodHR Leistungen

Our leadership seminars, with their scientific grounding, strong practical relevance, and strict focus on outcomes, differ significantly from many training services found on the market. Their theoretical foundation is the Complementary Leadership model. With short keynote presentations and practical recommendations for the use of tried and tested management instruments, a clear theoretical framework for action is established; interactive exercises and group discussions are a vehicle for sharing implementation experience and help participants to reflect on their own leadership behavior. Thematically speaking, our seminars cover a broad spectrum, ranging from basic leadership training and more in-depth training of specific people management tasks to self-management, teamworking, and leadership within an international context. We can also design and create more extensive leadership development concepts.

Workshops and Presentations

As professional speakers, we offer presentations on a wide range of topics within the fields of leadership and Human Resource Management. These can be academic talks as well as practically oriented private lectures or sophisticated “infotainment” at corporate events. Be it a small group or a mass auditorium, goodHR stands for fresh and inspiring content, up-to-date presentation techniques, and a convincing performance overall. Additionally, we offer to moderate workshops, such as strategy or team-building workshops. All management seminars, workshops, and presentations can be conducted in German or English.