Strategic Personnel Marketing

Anybody following the business press or HR magazines must get the impression that a general labor shortage is threatening German companies, presenting formerly unknown challenges to their HR work. As a matter of fact, labor shortages are a constant factor in human resource management, because major organizations are always active in many labor market segments, a few of which are typically very tight. Furthermore, even when there is a rush of applicants, there is always competition with other employers for the best candidates in a segment. Thus, professional human resource management always involves preparing oneself for the possible scenario of tight applicant markets.

Strategic personnel marketing uses the concepts and instruments of classic marketing in order to address similar constellations on the labor market. These include labor market segmentation and target-group-optimized recruiting approaches, as well as integrated development and trainee programs and modern applicant relation management. Another important part of strategic workforce supply are internal and external flexibility reserves. In contrast, buzz-word HR fashions like “talent management” can safely be dispensed with. Organizations with professional personnel marketing are always able to recruit the best candidates even under difficult circumstances. Good personnel marketing is always strategic personnel marketing as well.