The goodHR Team

goodHR works with a network of self-employed strategy consultants, trainers and coaches who are involved in particular projects as needed and required by the customer. They all are long-time HR practitioners that identify with the concepts and ideas of goodHR and know how to transfer them on site into pragmatic solutions, based on their own experience. They know the challenges of HR work and day-to-day leadership first-hand, which is why they are convinced of goodHR’s theroretical approaches and special philosophy.

By means of this network, we are also able to accept and reliably handle assignments with special requirements or major training/coaching volumes. The question of whether to involve one of our partners in the first place, and who exactly that might be, will of course be duly discussed in the process of clarifying the assignment. We only collaborate with colleagues whom we have known for a long time, and who act with integrity and have solid academic qualifications, as well as extensive experience in HR management and leadership. In addition, high quality standards and our consistent conceptual basis ensure the excellence that has always been the mark of goodHR.