HR Strategy

The HR strategy is the centerpiece of people management. It must provide direction for all operational HR measures, synchronizing and dovetailing them into a sound integrated concept. Even more important, it must ensure that the entire HR work relates to the overall company objectives and contributes accordingly.  More »

Leadership Models and Strategies

In order to effectively shape and successfully practice organizational leadership, it is important to reflect firstly on the leadership tasks to be fulfilled and secondly on the interaction of the parties involved. By means of the theory of Complementary Leadership, both aspects can be conceptually visualized and transferred into practical leadership strategies and models.  More »

Strategic Personnel Marketing

Labor shortages are not part of an unprecedented nightmare scenario but rather a perfectly normal factor in HR work—this has always been so. In order to consistently attract the best candidates at all times, organizations should rely on scenario-based provision strategies and recruitment processes that are optimized for specific target groups.  More »

Personal Leadership Strategies

Führungskraft beim Präsentieren vor anderen Führungskräften (Fotolia) - Illustration der Seite goodHR Themen

Professional people management is based on a range of specific competences that have to be understood in theory, tried out in practice, and mastered in day-to-day business life. The same holds true for the methods and instruments of human resource management, which are meant to support organizational leadership directly or indirectly. More »

Personal Influence, Negotiation, Conflict and Balance Strategies

Sustainable success does not result from work well done, but likewise depends on effective social behavior and on the preservation of one’s own ability to perform. Personal strategies provide a powerful reference frame for tactically smart moves that proves itself valuable especially in stressful or conflictory situations.  More »